Reviews – All Is In Order × Don Jazzy ft, Rhema, Korede, DNA and Crayon

Another Noise or a potential chart burster ?


All in is Order is basically a dance song that started with the Bassful Donjazzy’s kinda ebullient intro and then driven through by Rhema and Korede’s playful lyrical displays in rhythm with the electric beatings of DonJazzy and the sonorous rhythm of his backstrokes.

If you were a fan of Dorobucci, Jantamata, LookuLooku I can categorically tell you that this one too is made for you.

The song comes in short verses. With every feature holding their own bit of the action doing so with the energy that is known of the group.

Even though like always,Donjazzy sounded like a proud father, same way he famously sounds in all of the past Mavins imprints. I didn’t sense creativity with the lyrics, it sounded like the father of maves wanted to drop a song in a hurry. The lyrics lack nutrients as it is made up of too much repetition of empty words. NO recent song from Mavins as a group or individually as artiste scores lesser in lyrics and than All is in order

Perhaps, from the chorus and Don Baba Jazzy’s strokes, he is trying to suggest all is in order after a lifetime of getting Married to Rihanna on pages of social media maybe now we can start making plans on how many months it will take to make contributions for Donjazzy’s wedding Aso Ebi.

Lyrically, certainly this is not one of Mavin’s best, not by a long mile. But DonJazzy’s production work on the track is almost impeccable, as he crafts a beat that is an instant call to report to the dance floor. Every minute of the over 4 minute song is a direct challenge, daring the listener to remain on their seat while that melodious instrumental is in play.

I won’t hold my tongue on this one. All is in Order is a “there-there” song and nothing out of the ordinary.

” Ijeoma oya go and tell your mother, ALL IS IN ORDER”

” Ehh Neighbor Oya go and tell your people, ALL IS IN ORDER”

” My sister oya go and tell your sister ALL IS IN ORDER”

On a comical level I hope this track gets all in order and touches Korede’s career and turn him to the GODWIN Korede.

Oya go and tell your people that Mavins is in order on this one..

7 out of a possible 10 marks.

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