The Ojude Oba Masquerade that will not burn.

Tourism, in some ways, contains a vestige of this kind of things and once again this year’s Ojude oba came out tops. If you read about fire not burning Abraham in the bible then you should watch as this Masquerade at the Ojude oba festival could not burn.


Every human like any mater should ordinarily burn and decompose when thrown into fire. Every except you are Abraham in the bible and this certain masquerade at this year’s Ojude oba festival.

Fire may not burn rock but even the heat from a fire is enough to decompose a human body except this certain masquerade at this year’s Ojude Oba festival that came out unscathed from a fire made with heaps of cane burning so much that nobody could stand close because of the heat emanating from the burning cane and was in it for over 30seconds.

This feat seems somehow unprecedented but flipping through the pages of the Ijebu historical relics there were records of some other masquerades who also ticked this feat of not burning in an open fire.

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