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Wizkid’s 2011 release “Superstar” sold over 1 million copies and won numerous awards for almost all of the songs on the album but shout out tops the list of my personal favorites. From a lyrical standpoint, Wizkid’s Superstar album was his personal best till date.


Its 2019 and Wizkid is still setting the world on fire but for today lets talk about a number on his album that was a huge commercial hit and is more remembered for numbers such as Holla at your boy, Gidi girl, Don’t dull, Love my Baby, Say my name, No lele, Pakurumo, Shout out and other numerous listings of the 17 tracked album.

For many like me, shout out sitting comfortably at number 16 on the track listings of super star was an anthem and seemed to be the only remedy to an awkward opinionated tough words from naysayers who weren’t giving us a shot at making it in our different endeavors.

As a young boy in the ghetto, dem tell me say wizzy no go blow,

As a young boy in the ghetto dem tell me wizzy no go fit do show,

Now dem call me starboy cos the boy is in charge boy, am badder than them by far boy,

Jah bless me so nothing the bagas (bad people) fit try do to depress me,

No be me na God bless me he put me on top so dont stress me,

These days won polowo but no mind them dem be olodo

Wizkid was able to personalize the song talking about his rise to stardom and at the end gave shout outs as the title of the number implies to all his niggas that aided the journey.

There was something so pure about how he spit soul into the lines, the concurrent interchange of the lines from Yoruba to pidgin english while hitting every part of his story and then listing his influences and the God go make you bigger epiphany at the end of each name on his list.

Shout out is Platinum level, sturv of gods, apparently star has been doing it since 2008. Fast forward to 2019 even bigger, better, still supremely talented star is still doing it.

Download Shout out here

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