Reviews by Ifedamola – Egungun be careful Obesere Ft Zlatan

First off, Obesere and Zlatan on a track ?


Few years ago I could have sworn that this collaboration will never happen, but with the recent fortune of the “Egungun be careful” tag it makes sense that artists would love to get behind the queue the tag has created.

I’d stubbornly admit that, fuji has been a forte but rarely have I found myself vibing to the Obesere kind of mix. Saheed Osupa, Pasuma and K1 does it for me.

Needless too say, my prejudice against Obesere was probably because growing up, he was painted bad even amidst fellow artists despite having some decent chart toppers, I was not wholly enthused about Obesere’s art.

This Egungun be careful mix with Zlatan has entirely began the smashing of my bias and has opened me up further to a more potentially great musical experience.

Instrumentals highly resembling those high tempo fuji of the late 90s with the cleaner production and precision of the modern day.

Zlatan’s voice in the background and on the chorus sounds good, I can’t have a problem with that until Zlatan became a victim of trying too much and from a little over a minute he wasn’t able to firmly have his grasp on the number.

I know that this review is sketchy and lazy as hell, but I didn’t feel like doing a bigger review.

Overall, you’ll definitely find some quality but this number is no where near the hype. Meanwhile it’s amazing that after about 20 years Obesere still was able to make sounds that resonated with folks of this generation and held down his part on the number to the end.

Not great just decent, I can only hope that in coming days more artists jumps in on this trend.


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