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When it comes to music, first is not always best. Afterall Terry Apala’s cover of shape of you beats Ed’s for me. Today I’d look at Simi and Johnny drille’s covers of the trending chart topper “Brown Skin Girl” where Beyonce featured Wizkid, Blue Ivy Carter and St.John.


After Johnny Drille’s tweet asking that Simi let them do another joint, both had decided to give us a snippet at what to expect while they cook up the real masterpiece. Remember Halleluyah?

If you want a laugh however I suggest you check out this thread on twitter.

On her version, Simi chose to go for more expressions,power and drama leaving you in doubt if Beyonce actually used the right content for the original lyrics. While Simi tried to pull her version with her choice lyrics, much more Nigerian the new lyrics comes with some loss in the energy and the emotion the number requires. Even the playfulness of Simi as she hatched those lines wasnt able to distinctively cover for those loss.

She sounds gravelly and unable to keep to the rhythm and got some huskiness across while Johnny on his one number kept his rhythmical smoothness till the end.

Johnny understood that his vocals has to be as near to perfection as possible and on this cover he came through while Simi just does not come with this quality for me and at times sounds a little off beat and losing her rhythm.

For Johhny Drille, his voice just soars with those notes held at so awesome intensities that I’d had to put the rendition on repeat all morning.

Simi really doesn’t come across badly but this is way off her personal best.

It pains me to say this, but I do actually prefer Johnny Drille over Simi. I do love Simi with all my heart, my body and my soul but purely and only cover for cover Johhny drille simply out-vocaled her.

In my humble opinion, the original is best and Johnny Drille’s cover comes a close second.

It is of course a personal preference but Johnny drille’s cover comes best for me. His smoothness just fits in perfectly with the rhythm of the original number. Inarguably, Simi sure on her best days will belt this even with her eyes closed but not just this time.

Who sings it best for you, I’d love to know…

Download Simi’s Brown Skin Girl Cover here

Download Johnny drille Brown Skin Girl cover here

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