My Relationship resume

I am broke and in one mix already and as such I am currently not seeking employment; Interested parties are encouraged to file this relationship resume for potential consideration in the future. Just incase there is a future.


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Adegbite Adedamola Azeez


To find a romantic partner who has no qualms about committing to and maintaining a serious long term coital relationship that may lead to marriage.
All this should hopefully be carried out in an environment of open communication, built on mutual trust, honesty and respect for each other’s opinions and feelings. And whilst I believe that happiness is of utmost importance in relationships, sacrifice is a close second.

Relevant Experience:

April 2009 – August 2010Whiny and boring ass loner who thought the world revolved around her.

• Social media profile manager
• I was required to upload on 2g0 and Facebook new profile pictures.

January 2011 – November 2013
Long term, marriage material boyfriend.

The longest relationship I have had till date was somewhat like a teenage dream. Lots of drama and fights (we were only 19) and we had planned to get married and have kids. Somewhere along the line her plans changed and I was left to hang dry.
Here, I learnt not to rush into things, to let things go with the flow and not be too demanding and insecure controlling (all of these I was in this relationship.
I also understood what the other persons family and acceptance meant to me.
This relation taught me the most and maybe in some twisted way, I am thankful that this happened because now my other serious (present) relation is much better and I don’t have to pretend to be perfect.
Aunty wants perfection who attends church services no punny jokes about sex and even no female friends because they threaten her
• I Worked well as personal photographer to provide high standard images for social media uploads.
• Responded quickly to new duties assigned to me often as her hormones and emotions dictates.
• Unconditional leg tremors coital administering
• Oral sexist

August 2013 – November 2104
The First real Love.

This was my first relationship where I had to almost be able to see my girl everyday of the week on the downside, the girl was 7 years younger and was somewhat so immature that it was more like a university student dating a 4th grader. At some point I was completely in love with her and at that time, she honestly does not know how to be in a relationship. I don’t remember much, except that she was immature, cried a lot on things like I didn’t give her a hug or I didn’t give her a kiss I hugely remembered how she broke my Blackberry touch 2 because I was on a call but majorly she treated me quite well.
I sadly had to deal with the understanding that even though I loved her the red tapes were too dire to close my eye to.

February 2015 – May 2015
The witch that can keep a grudge for decades.

Even though we dated for about 3 months, we just went on zero proper date. I learnt how to say NO (which I do not regret one bit). I also realized that it is better to repress certain relationships, such as this one.
• Personal massage machine
• Personal photographer
• Top notch shopper
• Womb nudging peniser
• Oral sexist

June 2016 – July 2017
Girlfriend/Second real love.

Managed to pull myself out of a commitment phobic place (which was actually a defense due to a break up) and finally got back to my true-romantic state.
My ability to deal with such a whiny person and even trying to be there for her is commendable although the longevity was as result of my folly in not listening to everyone around me. However, my ability to realize my mistake and act on it ASAP says something about me. Well, that and recognizing when the girl of my dreams comes along (which was in August, I don’t know if you observed the overlap), so within a week I was quite over whiny-girl and did not waste much time mourning (thank God).
A wrong number call I picked up made whiny girl all in the past.

• Personal Micro finance bank
• Care giver
• Photographer with a class
• Personal chef and shopper
• Emotional bank
• Administered the dick and head potently
• Mischief accomplice
• Womb shifting bedroom sessions
• Oral sexist

Education and qualifications:

2011: 2017
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (B.Tech) Mechanical Engineering.

2002 – 2008
Osogbo International School

Skills and Interests:

I’m a big fan of Jacques Giacomo Casanova and most of my habitual flirtatious traits are from him except that I am upgrade and so I don’t enter more than a hole at a time.

I love seeing movies and reading thought provoking books. Kevin harts Life lessons, Tiffany Haddish’s Last black unicorn, Gabrielle Union Wade’s We’re going to need more wine and Elnathan John’s Becoming Nigerian are my recent favorites.

Apart from reading that, I love everything about fashion. I love the Olamide kind of genre of music and although I don’t drink alcohol I just sip tough shits inside a bottle carrying a percentage tag. Vodka and whiskeys are my favorite and I DONT do DRUGS.

I’m quite social and fun to be around. It matters to me what people think of me, so sometimes I go out of my way to please them– sometimes to displease them too 😛

Other than that, I can’t dance, I flirt like a pro and have mastered the art of seduction. I take the best of both worlds — Casanova in the bedroom and Kevin hart out of it.

At a point in my life I was campus writer and a graphics designer, moved on to blogging and then interning at a photo studio and recently started lessons on web development HTML and CSS classes moved on to learning fashion designing via YouTube tutorials and now I just write reviews and blog about what interests me then sip cold zobo play FiFa on Console and breathe. My blog url is

Core Competencies:

• Romantic.
• Honest.
• Open minded.
• Ability to not give up easily.
• Ability to stand up for my partner.
• Emotionally available.
• Passionate.
• Adjusting.
• PDA.
• Lovable.
• Flirtatious.
• No inhibitions, mo le do eh pa if need be.

I am happy to supply these on request.

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