My Impression Of Ladies that smokes weed? πŸ€”πŸ€”

I saw a Twitter thread yesterday about how most ladies that smoke weed have high standards and I was wondering whether that’s even true or if thats enough to like the act. For me, my first impression would be that you smoke weed… nothing more than that.


Although the common opinion on the thread seems to be that it’s not a deal breaker. There’s nothing wrong with smoking a bit of weed even if you are a lady but if you’re constantly stoned, spending more than you can afford on it, or anything stupid like that, it quickly develops into one.

I have no problem with people who smoke weed for me, It’s the same as alcohol, in moderation it’s great.


If you go too far it’ll ruin you fairly fast fortunately, I fall into acutely taking some doses of both.

In conclusion, I don’t have a problem with weed, but I probably wouldn’t get into a relationship with someone who smoked most days. I’d be most comfortable with 1-3 times a week or less. Once again for comparison , that’s similar to how I feel about alcohol.

I’m curious as to how other guys generally react when they find out their ladies smokes weed (in a potential relationship context) maybe I’d do a random opinion sampling in my next post.

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