7 Street songs on my playlist for motivations.

Music is powerful no doubt that is why the right music can make all the difference when you’re trying to be productive. With that in mind, I’ve compiled the ultimate street tunes on my playlist to keep you sharp and motivated with all the buzz of hustling and living.


Weytin we gain by Victor AD
Piece of advice! Keep playing this song like its the only paracetamol to brokenness headache.

My Favorite Lines..
Oluwa magbegbe mi, I want all this money
I no wan take the same step wey I take last year wey no work for me oh
Lord as I dey grind, I dey hustle Bless me with this money
Lord na your hand I dey, I say make you run am for me oh
If we no make money Wetin we gain o?

Mercy by 9ice
Yeah yeah even just a little Mercy doesn’t hurt anyone!

My favourite lines;
When I work I want money, tori owo ni mo se’n si se
Baba f’ere sise mi, let your blessing rain on me
Oh Lord of mercy, oh Lord of mercy, oh Lord of mercy, Kaye mi ribi Messi

Tire you by Victor AD Ft Davido
Without seeing the year through yet, this song already is my song of the year as it takes on the theme of working hard and smart while keeping an upbeat dance tempo.

My favourite lines;
It’s either I win or I win
I no get excuse for failure
O Lord I want to cash out
I no want to blame my neighbor

Tommorow by Barry Jay
This song will help your emotions kick L out of your life and slap a big fat S on your forehead. Comes in real handy when you need motivation when things are not going according to your dictates and you need the divine push.

My favorite lines;
O ni la ri o, kos’eda to mo’la o kos’eda to mo eh, kos’eda to mo’la se oh
Eni to ba n bo, le bo e bo dola kos’eda to mo eh, kos’eda to mo’la se oh
Brother ma ronu mo o, tori ola n bo wa da o jare o la bo wa dara eh eh
Sister ma ronu mo eh eh, tori ola n bo wa da o jare, o la bo wa dara eh eh

Uyo Meyo by Teni
A thoughtful song of joy and hope, my playlist wouli never be complete if it misses out on this super tune.

My Favorite lines;
If you work hard, You can get it if you work
If you strive hard, you can be just what you want
If you work hard, you can climb the mountain tall
Cause nothing is too small and nothing is too big
Uyo Meyo, Uyo Meyo,O Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e

Way by Davolee
This is perhap is the biggest soulful vibe that has ever touched all area of our daily life needing perfection.

My Favorite lines:
I no wan dey beg for raba, Edumare wire my Aza
Sotey if I jam Bill Gate Make e know say I dey para o
Owo ti n ma ni to ma lami, Ola to ma so mi de eyan yi
Connection wey go change my life Ko to she ju ki mo kpe ti gba Alert
Make e come my way oo Ki n’ri ba ti she eh

Self made by Lyta
Top notch stuff from Lyta who tried to share his story into the new fame. A graceful and grateful story to inspire yours sincerely.

My Favorite lines:
Work work work work work, because man must to chop
Everyday say me dey hustle now, I am heading to the top
Ji masun, omo iya mi, hustle large and make it slowly
You know say nobody holy, no follow dem smoke poli

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