38 things you probably don’t know about me

Lets start with the first point of contact that no matter what happens in my life, I’m marrying between the age of 28- 35.


You should know that I am an extremely nice person, I can discomfort myself to great heights just to please a total stranger.
I have never masturbated, yeah I have never gone that hungry let’s face to just cum is now cheaper than the price of.
No matter how close you think you are to me, you only know a fraction about me well aside we dated.
If you date me, I’ll probably wake you up for sex at 3am even though we had sex before we slept,so prepare your mind 😒
I’m a nudist, a naturalist. Gimme 10min alone in the house and I’m already walking upandan naked, yeah gory sight you shouldn’t see right ?
The “first name” I’m planning to give my first daughter is a name of a girl I liked in a yoruba movie, the character was acted by Bisi Komolafe of blessed memory.
I have been a Muslim then a Christian and now a Muslim, confused right ?
Thanks to emotional stability I have not cried in months.
I always increase the sharpness of my argument when I’m with my friends, anyways that has earned me the “Blunt” title.
If you put me on a job I like, I can work for 25hrs in a day.
Iprefer giving orals to taking a blowjob.
Due to growth in age, new knowledge or change of environment; All facts here are subject to change.
I don’t “hate” anybody in this whole wide world.
Going to bed before 12am is an anomaly for me unless I don’t have a console or a laptop to get personal with.
I am a broke ass.
After much practice in front of the mirror, I’d still go out to embarass my ancestors in any dance contest.
Music has a spiritual effect on me, even the mainstream ones.
I’m praying for long life so I can personally hand over these Platinum Saheed Osupa songs I have saved to my grand children.
As far as being romantic goes, I’m Joseph amongst his brothers but owo lo n f**k me up.
I hate ironing with all my mind, body and soul.
I am probably a vodka addict, I’ll pick Vodka over water even
I had once soaked gaari with Vodka damn you really should try it too.
Since I was born I have been struggling with punctuations.
I’m the king of procrastination but at the end of the day nobody in the room will get the work done better than me.
I’m presently not owing anybody money, Not even a penny.
My favorite quote in the world is “If you want to be fearless, LOVE”. That doesn’t mean I practice it though..
I don’t like posing in front of a camera for a shoot, it normally feels like I’m standing in front of a firing squad.
Nobody knows but I privately experiment on “food combinations”. I tried spag and Okro few days ago.
In 5 years I have a desire of creating Jobs for at least 1000 people, and I have nothing serious going on right now, insane right but las las e go be.
Ronaldo over Messi, Hazard over Neymar,Kante over Busquet
I have over 6 Facebook accounts and presently I don’t remember the details of any, not even the username.
I sense insecurities from a person like sharks sense blood.
I’d love to one day be a parliamentarian in the Nigerian upper or lower chamber serve for 3 terms and get back to whatever the f*** I was doing before the break
I’m not having a child until I have an atleast 5years survival kit and resources for him/her. Just Incase I die.
When I’m having a conversation and someone uses a word I don’t know, most times I ask them what it means, this has made me discover people are not really smart.

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