13 of my favorite YouTube channels

Here are 13 of my favorite YouTube channels that I subscribed to and encourage you to do the same if you aren’t already and if there’s something it appears you’ll like too.


Through these Youtube channels I have learned about ways of photography, got up to date on politics and news headlines around the world and social issues of our time and how I can be a part of the solution.

The Ellen Show;

Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, I have kept up with the Ellen Show every night in the past few months and appreciates her humorous upbeat attitude, wit and kindness to people on her show. I find it heartwarming to see how she does so much for people in need and then using her humor to make viewers laugh.

The Daily Show;

The Daily Show hosted by stand up comedian Trevor Noah is a comedic news show in which the issues of the day are dissected and mocked. Each show opens with a monologue summing up the day’s most important event, after which a few stories are examined in detail by correspondent reports. Next, Noah interviews a celebrity or newsmaker with a viewpoint to share or a product to plug. Finally, things wrap up with your Moment of Zen, a funny visual from the news.
Incidentally, this was the first channel I subscribed to once I figured that’s the best way to get recurring content from channels I really liked.

The Late show;

Hosted by Stepen Colbert, Stephen loves telling stories especially from events in the news but that’s really not why he is my fav host. I adore Steven’s humor and the topics he chooses to discuss. His animations are cute and even though now seasoned with lots of Trumpish references that really helps to explain how senile the supposed leader of the free world is.


Yeah you guessed right, its the Oprah Winfrey Network.
No long stories I am on because I am in love with Oprah Winfrey and every thing she stands for. Her long-term slowly successful experiment in merging a personality /brand-celebrity into a curated entertainment network makes her the answer to my who would you love to tow their impactful path.

Thomas Heaton;

Thomas Heaton is a favorite among landscape photographers both experienced and new to the genre. Thomas’ videos are like watching him achieve a goal. They start with an intro, why he wants the shot, the challenges, the gear, the journey to the location, arriving, and then tips on how he achieves the shot he wants. His videos are more vlog style than purely instructional but that behind the scenes shows the reality of what it takes to get a worthy landscape photo.

The Wendy Williams show;

Wendy Williams is a beautiful woman filled with fun and laughter. Her show airs LIVE and you get to watch people have an Amazing time. The music is great and the atmosphere was always high energy with lot of fun.

Pixel Village;

This channel speaks directly to my photography aspirations.
His goals to communicate contents in a simple, clear, and concise way for people who are just starting out to easily digest puts him on top of my photography tutorials pack. . I always like seeing a new perspective on shooting and getting updated on gears and tools, which is great to see here. There’s something wonderfully down to earth and kind about the contents on here as they subtly challenge you without patronizing you.

Envato tuts+;

This is the most relatable and easy to understand edits channel ever. With quite a wide range of content from graphics designs to web design and coding. Every post is incredibly useful, and there have definitely been days when I’ve not left the house at all, but have taken the whole day to re creating all that I learnt.
Their Photoshop tutorials are my favorite.

Dev Tips;

This channel is a gem! His geeky and passionate mannerisms is worth it just on its own. But you have to pay full attention because Hank speaks very fast. There is though an important undertone that isn’t immediately obvious. There is this feeling of deeply researched walkthroughs and tutorials.

Thomas Alex Norman;

This channel shares tips on using mobile and DSLR cameras, reviews on them, and just chats about all things cameras. The camera geek in me can sit and watch video after video and end up one amazon crying at the cost of digital cameras.
I never got learnt digital photography in real life and so, in order to learn, Youtube has been my go to. It is channels like these that don’t let me give up.


Anything and everything Lightroom. He sometimes gives out free presets to his subscribers.

Justin brown – Primal videos;

Justin brown is someone specific for the Videography/photography world. I’ve loved his tips on mobile photography for months, but more recently I’ve also been tuning into his videography advice videos. He’s incredibly talented, and knows so much about the business of mobile photography and Videography and shares it so openly! If you’re a photographer/Vidoegrapher or aspiring one, definitetly check out Justin’s videos.

Kenneth wayne;

Gone for a while with no post but I got my first Snapseed editing knowledge off him. He doles out tutorials on the use of every feature the Google Snapseed app can do. Every of his videos are professional and highly enjoyable.

There are more channels I subscribe to and enjoy very much but the above list are my favorite ones.

I really hope that by writing this it will inspire one or two of my readers to also discover some of the channels mentioned here. In the mean time, why not aide a dude’s addiction and leave your suggestions in the comments below; who should I follow next?!

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