What does a fashion blogger actually do ?

maxresdefaultThere’s quite a few misconceptions actually when it comes to fashion blogging and that’s that we don’t really do much except for write a couple of blog posts and then jet off around the world to exotic locations, buy designer goods, then laze around on a beach or by the pool.
While some of the top fashion bloggers do get to live lives like that now, it wasn’t like that in the beginning.
Herein lies the skills myself and other fashion bloggers have had to learn in order to be a fashion blogger that’s self employed and doing it professionally.

WritingThe first thing a fashion blogger needs to do is be able to write and make sure it’s enticing and readable. Without gripping text, it’s dull.
EditingThis skill is something that a fashion blogger needs to be good at, especially since I run many blogs on a professional level and people need to see it as something they can trust. Spelling mistakes and errors always lead to the article looking sloppy, so fashion bloggers need to learn to edit and correct.
Modeling/Styling It’s easy to get stuck in doing the same poses over and over again because they’re good, but trust me, bloggers have to learn to do as many different poses as they possibly can, and learning to do natural, candid ones works even better. When you’re a personal style blogger, modeling is something that has to be brushed up on. Getting the outfits right as well is key, bloggers have to be good at styling and putting looks together that are fun, creative and gorgeous. Being a stylist is a key point as outfits need to be visually appealing.
Photography/Creative VisualizationLearning to use the camera as well as learning how to utilize lighting and angles is key. The more creative and expertly done the photos are, the better the blog will look. Basic photography skills are needed, even while being a hobby blogger. Nobody wants to look at blurry, dark photos. Being creative is a must, so gorgeous flat lays and fun photos can be created. A blogger is essentially creating an online space and portfolio, so it has to be creative visually.
Photo Editing Not every fashion blogger wants to use Photoshop or Lightroom, but in my experience, if they want to be successful, they will. Not for editing the length of their legs or making themselves look thinner, I mean for lighting, colour, shadows, resizing, sharpening up the images etc. Basic Photoshop skills are definitely needed to improve and enhance the photos.
Social Media Skills Social Media is a must for fashion bloggers as they need to reach potential new readers and share their content with them. This means they have to learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google+ etc. and do it well. Making the accounts visually appealing and sharing their content to other people has to be done in order to grow their following.
Ad SalesIf a fashion blogger wants to turn their blogging into a job instead of a hobby, they will have to learn how to do ad sales. This includes making up a press pack to show their blog off and what they can offer, as well as general conversing with potential buyers and brands. They have to learn how to sell themselves and be confident with it. I’ve personally found that this is something that took a while to come naturally for me as I’m not generally a confident, bold person.
Public RelationsMuch like ad sales, a fashion blogger will need to learn basic public relations skills as they need to build up friendships with brands and companies. It’s important to communicate properly and professionally in order to gain a relationship that’s long lasting and mutual between them and the brands. I’ve found being friendly and polite, but professional is the best way to be.
Website DesignNow, not all fashion bloggers need to learn website design as they might be willing to pay someone else to do it for them, but as I have personally found out in my many years of blogging, you need to learn the basics. Even if that’s customizing a theme that you bought or adding your personal touches to your website, it’s good to learn some of it yourself so you can do little tweaks here and there without having to pay anyone, and possibly breaking your website.
HTML SkillsMuch like website design, learning some coding and basic HTML is important as well. Sometimes you can get issues, bugs and glitches with your website and if you can learn to fix these yourself, that’s better. It can take a while to get someone else to do it and it can be costly.
Knowledge On Your Subject The last thing is knowledge on the websites niche and chosen subject. It’s important to have a focus and a subject matter for blogging, so fashion bloggers need to make sure that they have a lot of experience with what they’re writing about. For me, denim is my passion and expertise as I’m sure you know (check out The Jeans Blog), so there needs to be a clear voice and knowledge on what is being written.


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