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Hi there! I’m Ifedamola, a twenty-something year old dude and the face behind this blog,
When I’m not sitting behind a screen playing Fifa, I’m trying to find really cute girls on twitter to shoot shots at using cheesy pick up lines from movies or lyrics of songs while having all these fun I somehow find ways to stay curious for anything trending on lifestyle and fashion.

Why did I start blogging?
Ever since I got out of primary school,I started enjoying reading and writing. I was famous in as early as primary 3 for running a writing coy that helps juniors and seniors write love letters to their crush within or outside the school and writing few for myself too.
When I got to the uni where btw I studied mechanical engineering writing became a forte for me after making my first million kobos from this gift while in primary school I now understand the need to consistently water my orchard of writing and upgrading the operating system I run on.
Fast forward to my second year in the university I started slowing down on my literature because I got entangled in campus politics a needless adventure which only drained off whatever succor my free time should have birthed for me.
Soon, I got tired of politics and decided to start some kind of campus newspaper with all the day to day gossips happening around the school on her pages, you can call it lautech’s own paris Hilton.
When choices of a name came up, Lautech olofofo came up tops beating all other of her Yoruba synonyms contenders.
Lautech olofofo was supposed to work like a newspaper with releases coming out every week but paucity of funds and the understanding that readership of blogs seems to be growing so fast that in 10 years Newspapers might cease to exist anymore in Nigeria, made me consider switching from the conventional print reportage to the use of a gossip blog, the platform today has grown so much that it has today became lautechs number one online gossip hub.
Then one day, I wondered: why not start blogging myself?
Webpages from lovepanky.com, lapesoetan.com, Bellanaija.com and other lifestyle and fashion pages are the books that I have consistently kept feeding on so I kukuma chose to start a blog of my own solely for fashion and lifestyle because I want to improve and do it better than the pages I continuously read.
So in November 2016, I sat down lol I probably couldn’t have done it standing up though, I birthed this baby into the blogosphere and themed it to be a revelation of my life and a quick pointer to what my choices, opinions and ideas are as regards my niche sorry I didn’t spell that out earlier
This blog covers fashion and lifestyle, with a focus on honest fashion reviews and lifestyle-related articles.
Read about my life in words the latest fashion tryout by someone’s son, a trend in vogue, guys talks and some free toppings for the girls of course after pardoning them for saying they rule the world because they make our life interesting something must be for them in here.
Btw i’ve bought, one tiny piece of camera from Amazon in hope to testing my photography skills on I sincerely.
Las las Whether you’re a fashion or lifestyle enthusiast or just looking for a place to read and have fun in Davido’s voice I say Duro because here is where you get all that even with Jara on top I swear I know you’ll find something you’d like here.


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