3 tips to leave you dressed stylishly comfortable.

Style or Comfort? 3 tips to leave you dressed stylishly comfortable.If you feel uncomfortable, you probably look uncomfortable!!!!

As individuals, we are just as comfortable as what we wear – believe it or not. If you’re ever feeling self conscious about your outfit, chances are you most likely will be double-checking everything through out your time out. This can get frustrating and will definitely eat out of your fun time.What’s worse than choosing style over comfort? If I had to choose between the two, I’ll definitely be choosing comfort. However, that’s not to say you cannot be stylish and comfortable at the same damn time. So here are my tips to being both stylish + comfortable.Tip #1: Jeans are your best friend
Wonder why a quality pair of trendy denim is everyone’s to go favorite? I’ll tell you why. Denim is easy to style and it goes with a lot of things. You can choose to either dress your jeans up with a patterned see through blouse as seen in the photos below or dress them down with a plain t-shirt. Either way, jeans always come in handy and they are super comfortable, if bought in the right size and shape.
Not satisfied with tip no 1? Then scroll down to read 2 & 3.

Tip #2: Well Fitted Clothes Are Underrated
Indeed, style really isn’t about what you wear, but how you wear it. However, over here, I am a firm believer that the fit of your clothes could either make or break whatever style it is you are trying to pull off. Picture yourself wearing ill fitted jeans that are either too tight or way too big for you? Too tight and you will have people in the streets wondering why you’re walking in that awkward position. Too big and you literally need to stop at every block to pull your pants up, especially if your look is lacking the necessary accessories like a belt to help you hold up your jeans in the right place. Well fitted clothes are underrated and they are definitely a key ingredient to staying stylish + comfortable.
Tip #3: Your shoes determine your comfort
Gone are the days we made silly investments in footwear that did us no good. Why buy a pair of shoes slightly too big for you just because you want them badly? I’m not sure what’s worse, too big or too small? You tell me. Either way, the right shoe sizes determine how comfortable you are in an outfit. Even more so, the right types of shoes. There’s literally no point wearing stilettos if you know that you are unable to walk in them. You end up looking uncomfortable and uncertain the whole night. After all, what’s style without comfort?
Over to you, what do you think about style + comfort? Is it possible to achieve both or do we always have to choose one over the other?
Outfit Details
Jeans H&M | Top Zara (Old) | Shoes Alexander Wang (Old)
Credit: Hadiza Lawal for WovenBlends


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