Reviews – The Way You Are × Korede Bello

Korede Bello of Godwin, One and Only, Mungo park will forever be an amazing talent and one of the few that was tipped to be the next Wande Coal but recently he keeps sounding like an upcoming artist doing too much to at least stay relevant in the scheme of things and to get people to remember he still sings.


Just like the recent previous releases from Korede, The way you are fails to nail down the required ecstatic attention for this kind of genre. Again he failed to put up a relatable story on this number as what sounded like a great song at first ended up sounding more like a rhyme that is not danceable.

Aptly, Korede is doing too much but not even enough to live up to the standard and the class his past renditions has placed him.

When you’re having to put out songs where the chorus is all you get to sing for the less than 3 minutes the song lasted then maybe its time to go on a sabbatical.

The beat is decent, but 2.14 minutes long killed any kind of goodwill the beat and lyrical wordplay might have brought. This song will fly for an upcoming artist but not for Korede Bello, never for Korede Bello.

The song is not bad just not on Korede’s kinda threshold, is it time for Korede to really take some time to cool off and find his lost creative mojo, all he has left is the voice and its starting to not be wowing anymore.

Ratings: 5/10

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