Reviews – Please Forgive Me × Johnny Drille

So Johnny Drille took the platinum path and chose to do a cover for Bryan Adam’s popular number, “Please forgive me”.

Johnny is not Hip-hop loud noise cool and never will be and so his choice to do a cover of Bryan Adam’s Please forgive me comes to many as no surprise but however, there seems to be very little emotion from him behind his requisite pose and soft rock presumption needed to do well on this number.

The beatings were as amazing as the original but unfortunately, the world play on the lyrics wasn’t sounding convincingly soothing enough to make even Amaka to please forgive me.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Johnny Drille has a capacity to do better and to be fair he looked a fuzzy flash of excellence on the number until you contrast his cover to the real song and then the harsh truth stares you in the face, that Johnny Drille somewhat sounds like he was singing a different song, apparently there can only be one Bryan Adams that needs forgiveness.

Overall, Johnny Drille cover was an excellent exercise as he rises aptly to this occasion just dont contrast it with the original song

Bryan Adams obviously needed the forgiveness more.

Rating: 7/10


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