Reviews – Ojoro × Dj Neptune ft Dbanj and King Flash

In less than 40 seconds, Ojoro will get you to musical orgasm even when you’re not in a Church on a hill as Dj Neptune harnessed all angles of music.

Playful but relatable flexible lyrics and amazing instrumentals. The production hook and verses is made to give you a feel of some real lowkey big man shaku shaku and zanku vibes all in one, thanks to beats by the in demand Magic Sticks.

Like a guy whose mumu button is in service, Flash and Dbanj urges their respective lovers about how dem no go do “ojoro” (cheating) even if they are presented with some real top shot opportunities with cheeky pickup lines such as “My heart is only for you” “I love you scatter”.

For a relatively new artist, flash came through decent. With 2 verses and the hook, he did most part of the heavy lifting in the whole number and churned out one of the best verses laid down on any collaboration by a Nigerian artiste in recent weeks. Reminisces from Flashes hook and his 2 verses rendition in Ojoro places him on the charts as one of the best sounds to expect bursting out from Africa in no time.

Things got even funkier on Verse 2, where dbanj came to a fist fight with a C4. At first he was almost messing the rhythm up but like an electric surge he got back and this time even higher than the threshold he was handed the baton, he went a whole class above the excellnce of Flash, thats what stars do right ? Prime dbanj came online in Ojoro and served that hot sauce that you have been craving for.

Just like in Demo where Neptune featured Davido, the Ojoro wave came with the same mantra, to get you to dance and enjoy the contents that makes up the song while at it. Another solid tune that will easily be one of the top 20 singles of the year.

For those of us who report to the dancefloor as soon as the announcement is made to come wiggle our worries away then Ojoro is that medicine we crave as it doesnt need to you to grow into, the beatings hits the sweet spots easily. You only should rock this tune play on a good sound system or headset because anything less is an insult to the hardwork that made OJORO.

Ratings: 8/10


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