Reviews – Calling × Chinko Ekun ft Johnny Drille

On Calling where Chinko Ekun featured Johnny Drille, he showed a great deal of growth with his lyrical punches.


Calling is perhaps the most exciting and lyrically rich song that Chinko Ekun has ever released.

Well-rounded, thriving off the authenticity and retable nature of its Lyrics even though love songs are uncharacteristically not a Chinko thing but on Calling he came in hard with thrills, broke all barriers and made Calling a hit.

Johnny drille’s imprint of a totally wicked pop sensibility gave flow to Chinko Ekun’s unapologetic lyrical punches.

The two verses on Calling were sweetly sandwiched in between by Johhny Drille’s absolute infectious eclectic melody while incorporating pop urban cues on the number.

If Chinko’s lyrics spelt it out just the way it is then, Johnny’s cues added soul to the number.

The lyrics although playful are very sincere and straightforward. It exposes the angel they dont see behind every yoruba demon.

For person like me to fall in love mhen it’s really really funny

I could be shady and my ways could be cunning

Give me your hands let me take you on a journey

To accomplish my mission I had to link up with Johnny

Wow, your love no go kill me,

Super arguing na sometimes e dey drill me

No be your fault good things don’t come easily,

You bring spice to my life you dey tackle indomie seasoning

My head dey turn but e never really scatter,

Dem don break my heart but e never really shatter

We from different worlds but it doesn’t really matters,

I go pump you with love and you’d be getting really fatter, fatter!

So mi di ade ori e, nkan ti ba so leni baby ko wo’ri e,

Take me to mama je kin sánwo ori e

To ba lo se’mo mo le para mi n tori e, kaasa

Chinko Ma pa mi now !

“Strong and reliable, oshey eyan first bank”

This is another hit, end of review…


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