Reviews – True × Mayorkun ft Kizz Daniel

Mayorkun who is 5’5 and wanting to fight for you Like a Jetlee who is 5’6 is the latest short man rock thing out there. #TRUE!

Here we have three minutes plus of love flavored music with many dynamic types of over shades sprinkled with sustained lines from the in demand Vado encyclopedia with Mayorkun weaving lines and resonant chords off Young Johns percussions that made him the Mayor of Lagos.
It is a rousing tune that oozes out rhythmic intensity, and a Mayor like braVADO. This exciting musical composition brings out a sense of romance not allien to Mayorkun and somewhat a position Kizz was in Woju and Laye.
The not so varying contrasts in lyrics and artistic mood between Mayor and Kizz while they switch the baton concurrently was very well handled.
TRUE is a tender yet playful expression of love and you will sure enjoy the brisk tempo and fiery rhythmic dazzling Wittines of Kizz and Mayorkun’s lyrical uptempo.
Over the course of 3 minutes, Mayorkun and Vado chorused at correcting all imprints from all the things they said about them to baby and then somewhat in along the piece both Maestro’s creates intense, romantic verses with some witty piece of crisp playfulness that goes along with the theme of the song.
Young Johns’ rich and resonant brass and the dynamic and crisp percussions although simple dominates the scene as the songs theme is developed on his solid wicked beatings.
Even as a love song, this composition would make a good opener for any type of event where music is allowed to be played.
Baby Ìwo ná let Mayorkun uhnn on your face and Kizz be your superman. Each of them has chosen rightly what they wanted.


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