FaceApp has your Face But Google And Facebook Has All Of Your Life.

Unfortunately, Faceapp now has your face.

We seem to all like privacy by default but then we paste our account numbers on giveaway posts, reply posts with our phone number because turtle head is sharing airtime or data and now we have almost all sent pictures of ourselves to a Russian-made smartphone application just to show us how old we probably might look. All fogged up right?

We are quick to trade our information for convenience (free money, free data or airtime, or a photo filter).

Ever read those not less than 15 pages of long boring rhetorics before you click agree ?

Ever lost your phone and gbam you got a new phone and all your chats and contacts are back even with those nudes you sent to your 3 Exes before the new one ?

Read; Hackers can steal your private data from facebook,Apple.

Ever wondered why you get loads of mails in your inbox from people or companies you do not know of their existence and should naturally not know your email address ?

You think you are wise, you sent musa your nudes on WhatsApp then clicked delete for everyone. Aunty have you heard of remote servers ?

I have no idea whether people should be wary of FaceApp as security researchers have found no evidence that it stores all your photos or does anything atrocious to your information. The company said it deletes most images within 48 hours and that it will remove user data upon request.

The fact that it’s Russian isn’t enough to discredit it. Its rather interesting to look at the FaceApp panic in the context of the broader privacy infringements at Facebook and Google.

The Russians can enjoy looking at our smiling, innocent faces but what would Google and facebook do with our voicenotes, nude pictures, all those baby I am naked lets do video call, location history, mobile phone contacts.

Do you even know that facebook collects your face to train their face recognition app ? A whopping over 500M face images.

A wise man once said “Often times if the product is free, YOU are the product” unfortunately this wise man said this too on facebook.

Read; Google and Facebook can track your porn history even when you are in Incognito.

I’d have suggested that you do some background googling before downloading an app from a company that you’ve never heard of but again your location and search history will be pasted on google..

Only God now can save us from the invisible hand of technology but you can still take precautions by taking time to read those 15pages loads of boring stories before you click agree so you get prepared for whatever you get to sign off on and your privacy becomes your own responsibility.

Meanwhile for those of us that are still going to send our nudes no matter what privacy agreement dictates, abeg lets endeavour to make up and take really clean shots las las if we go down we suppose go down as vintages.


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