DIY: Mobile photography guides to help you take better shots.

Mobile photography may seem hard but with these few simple tweaks you would in no time be able to shoot the kind of photos you never thought possible of a mobile phone camera.

Give the phone the same respect you’d give a camera.

Scrub the phone’s lens with a clean soft fabric before taking shots for perfectly clear photos.

Set the Focus to ensure your subject is caught sharp.

Adjust exposure level for perfect brightness Levels.

Use Gridlines to take Photos.

(You can enable grid lines in your camera settings)

Hold phone with both hands, same way you’d do a camera to get shake free shots.

Crop do not zoom: The image is cropped automatically as you zoom in. The more you zoom in, the poorer the image quality becomes.

The rule of thirds: The “rule” states that you should position the most important elements off-center – rather than in the middle of the frame.

Add a frame in a frame.

Take odd shots: It is generally believed that shots looks more pleasing to the eye if the subjects are odd numbered.

Use natural lightings to find a perfect balance where the light falls perfectly on the subject.

Experiment with different perspectives for more unique Images.

Simplify your compositions,simple is always exquisite.

If you use flash, only do so during the day.


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