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No amount of fondling, pressing or sucking will make a woman’s breasts sag, you can’t know body count by breast sagging.
I see old men who think this on every twitter thread, shouting “Olympus has fallen” disgracing their ancestors unfortunately that’s just not how it works!
Let Aproko Doctor explain;

Breasts contain mainly fat, glands that produce milk, and Cooper ligaments.
It is commonly thought that these ligaments is what give support to these breasts making them firm and supple and giving them their shape.
However, with age, these ligaments become lax and breasts fall. There are major things that make would make a woman’s breasts sag.
1. Cigarette smoking(Shisha): Smoking breaks down elastin in the skin which can invariably cause breasts to fall
2. The more pregnancies a woman has, the more chances that her breasts are going to fall.
3. Large breasts: it is common sense that large structures need more support, the larger your breasts are the more support they would need. So naturally, they would sag because of their weight
4. Gravity: Gravity plays a large role.
5. Higher body mass index: remember that breasts are largely composed of fat>more BMI, more fat>more weight >sag
6. Significant weight gain or loss(23 kg) If you lose a lot of weight too soon, without giving your body time to adjust, breasts may sag because you have extra skin.
7. Age: as a woman gets older the ligaments weaken, hence, breasts will sag.
Breast feeding will NOT make your breast fall!
Also, there is no evidence that wearing A bra will affect the sagging of your breasts,
Exercise will NOT improve the shape of your breasts, they contain fat not muscle,
Vitamin C helps in connective tissue, may help minimally, but there is no evidence that this works in breast shape.
For a more permanent if you’re uncomfortable with the way they look: a breast lift might do the wonder.


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