Re: “BBN is Satanic” – Muric

Dear Muric,Our religion is not a constitution for the rest of humanity.

I found it incredibily, incredibile that recent comments from Muric has suggested that the body is either tired of the tenets it was created to preach or it suddenly woke up to the catastrophic realization that clout chasing would be an art that might earn them public goodwill.

From ladies in hijab dancing shaku shaku in Falz this is Nigeria Video to the FG granting official recognition of January 1st for christians to Fayemi constituting most of backroom staffs with majority of christians.

The core of Boda Muri’s comments these days seems to be something much more immediate and personal: they just wants to trend, apparently that makes them feels more fulfilled and would make them feel better.

Not only is Murics latest gaffe an embarrassing position to make, it is also an unintelligible position to pry from,labelling a show on cable TV satanic to suit their thirst for religious bigotry.

Is it not irresponsible to use religion to justify contentious viewpoints, especially when the subject matter is something that you can easily chose not to be a part of.

Muric, as religious body holds a position of authority in a national discuss but what is she saying about the over 5 million out school children in the North? Or about the obvious failure of governance in Nigeria. Did they not see what Fulani herdsmen are doing in the southwest ?

Of all the 1 billion things wrong with Nigeria, its BBN that Muric could provide a consonanted opinion about? Why should Bbnaija even come up in any better Nigeria conversation ?

Is it because BBN is responsible for the wanton robbery and kidnapping along the Ife-Ilesa-Akure axis or because Nigerian parliamentarians loot money and then multichoice forces them to fund their cable Tv and subsequently to watch the show or probably it is because Miracle just wedded a 12 yr old girl who is expected to be in school or because Fulani herdsmen learnt how to slaughter 120 people in twinkle of an eye on BBN ?

What would the next comment about? Ask the government to place a ban on sport betting ? Ask the government to come up with legislations to stop beer seeling or maybe Uncle Muri will ask the government to place a ban on the sale of Playstation console since the thing no dey let muslims do Solat on time.

BBN is a satanic show yen yen are some Nigerian not even worshipers of satan ? Should the right thing not be for Muric to induce her members to sit BBN out rather than spoiling it for those who enjoys it ? Daddy Kumuyi kukuma did his own back then and nothing spoil.

After careful analysis and thorough consideration, please throw this Murics comment to the bin as the penultimate ones.

Las las uncle Muri no go even fit show for court to defend whatever position they hold on discussions if the discussant decides to sue.


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