Advices I’d give to the next ruffling my exes

She does love you, she’s just a naturally selfish person. That isn’t going to change so you need to decide early on if you’re ok with that or not.

From Bojack Horseman: “When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”
— Olamide
I never worried about you and I was the guy she told her last boyfriend not to worry about. Just a heads up.
Also, she’s into choking big time.
— Phoebe
She’ll gaslight you. Trust your instincts and don’t let her paint you as a crazy paranoid boyfriend.
She’s cheating on you. I guarantee it.
— Busayo
— Folake
She’s a very good person with a moral compass always pointing north.
Don’t use big words around her though.
— Ope
Don’t mistreat her, she’s needy but she’ll give as much as you do. Don’t give up on her cause she needs you more than you know.
Treat her well. She deserves nothing but the best.
— Damola
You have every single right to be uncomfortable & upset with her best friend who she “loves like brother.” Yeah, I was once her bestfriend too and the new guy too used to carry that tag.
She’s on Instagram so you can’t comment on posts from other girls.
Don’t let her get high and don’t let her have knives if she ever gets high.
— Tayo
I truly, truly just hope she’s happy. Please cherish her laugh, and her goofy attitude. Don’t let her fool you though, make her talk to you. She doesn’t have to pretend everything is okay when it’s not. I know what anxiety looks like. And tell her a lot of people consider her amazingly beautiful and that the other few who thinks she Is not is their headache that’s gonna grow to being a cancer.
— Deola
Yeah a really short list I got here right ?


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