7 rules to help you find a perfect bra

Women who know their measurements save time and money while looking for a bra. Before leaving home, take a tape and measure yourself. First measure your chest right under your bust and then measure the fullest part of your breasts. Unfortunately, only 20% of women follow this advice.

Tip #2: Cups that shape and form the bust.
Another rule to follow is to look for the right cups. Bra cups should provide support and position your bust correctly. Put on the bra and look in the mirror. The bra should fit well, plus have a lifting effect. Your bust is supposed to be positioned between your elbows and shoulders. Finally, a good bra will help your breasts stay within your body frame. If your breasts in a new bra look low and wide, then the bra is not for you.
Tip #3: The importance of the seam
Keep in mind that not only the cup matters. You should also pay attention to the seam, because this is another detail that plays its important part. The shape of the bra depends on the seams. The way your breast looks depends on whether it rests right on the seam. If the seam is horizontal, your breasts will look fuller and wider. The vertical seam centers the bust and makes it look narrower.

Tip #4: Wear the right shirt when shopping
The top that you will be wearing while looking for your perfect bra will also play an essential role. The result will be not as productive and you will not be satisfied with the purchase if you are in a top that has a tricky collar. Clothes the fabric of which is clingy are not correct either. If it is the top you are looking for a bra to match with, simply take the item to the store, consult the shop assistant and ask for advice.
Tip #5: Big bras can be stylish, elegant and attractive
Nowadays manufacturers are trying their best to meet all requirements of their customers. If your cup size is over D, you can still purchase a fashionable bra. Modern lingerie made for plus-sized and busted ladies is as attractive and beautiful as that made for smaller women.
Tip #6: More bras! Better bras!
No need to restrict yourself. Do not try to save your money. High quality items are supposed to cost slightly more. Have more bras in your wardrobe. Let them be of better quality. It might cost more upfront, however, it is the right investment of your money. High quality things last longer and you will not need to replace them as often. Quantity matters as well. Have more bras, for example 6-8 pairs, so that you could wear a different bra at least every other day.
Tip #7: Never ignore care tag directions.
High-quality lingerie needs special attention. Always read the care tag and follow the directions. See what the manufacturer recommends and use gentle washing powder or soap, opt for hand wash and do not put your bras in the dryer.


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