26 Things I want my daughter dad To be that my son dad never was.

As a girl grows up, men will come in and out of her life, but the one man who will always be there is her father. The dad-daughter relationship plays a vital role in a girl’s journey to adulthood. Below are few things my dad daughter relationship will be like, platinum stuffs I didnt get from my Dad while growing up.

1. Remember every of her early fun memories or almost all

2. Thoroughly celebrate every single birthday

3. Listen more so I could get to have an exact know how of her thought pattern

4. Show her how much I adore and value her mama

5. Be involved with her education (or at least know few of those she hangs out with and go to some of her birthday hangouts)

6. Show her how important it is to take care of herself, hygiene and all.

7. Take her shopping for school clothes

8. Never let her lack anything she needs even if I’d need to go to hell back and forth to get them

9. Give her advice based on wisdom, not brokenness

10. Use big words with her so she looks up to intelligence

11. Help her create her boundaries so she clearly knows them

12. FaceTimes her at least two times a day when she moves away to the University

13. Reminds her to try her best

14. Writes handwritten letters of encouragement to her mama

15. Always reminds her that she is my priority

16. Makes goofy jokes that subtly prove she grew up watching

17. Teaches her how to appropriately navigate conflict

18. Introduces her to her inner grace

19. Show her how authenticity is the epitome of beauty

20. Speaks only good things about our families, especially her mama’s part of the family

21. Show her how to find comfort in faith, regardless of the faith

22. Teach her that personal responsibility is the only way to have unconditional connection

23. Shows her how to befriend her own humility and love on all her mistakes

24. Preach the importance of standards

25. Encourage her to practice mindfulness

26. Be her number one source of motivation and spiritual leader per excellence.

27. Honors her mama’s every second of every day Las las its how I make her feel about her mama the best part of her emotional upbringing as she gets to see her relationships from the perspective of how good,goofy and lovely my marriage to her mom is.


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